FULL Blue set



Looking for a complete soft play rental package that will provide endless hours of fun and adventure for young children? Our blue full set soft play rental is the perfect choice for big parties of up to 10-12 kids, all aged 4 years old and younger.

Our blue full set soft play rental package includes a White Large Square Ball Pit, 1 Soft Play Area, 1 Large Climbing Area, 2 Bounce Animals, 3 Soft Blocks, White Fence, Soft Mat flooring, and plenty of Pit Balls to keep the kids busy!

The Large Climbing Area is perfect for children to explore and challenge themselves, while the Soft Play Area provides a comfortable space for kids to relax and play. The White Large Square Ball Pit is perfect for endless hours of fun, and the Soft Blocks can be used to build towers, tunnels, and more.

Our blue full set soft play rental is available for hire for either 4 or 8 hours, and for an extra hour of fun, you can extend the rental for an additional $120.